About classification of products
SIM - the first and unique classifier of sanitary and hygienic products for professional use!

Classification of goods is a simple logical, unambiguous classification of products in different classes (categories) of products, designed so that anyone within the sector can communicate about those products without misunderstandings.

The SIM model gives a listing of the most important technical characteristics of each product class to describe and find the products. Each class has several synonyms, so finding the right product is much easier!
Use of classification

The product classification offers a structure of standardized product data that you can exchange using information channels and which can be used in:

- software applications,
- databases,
- search engines,
- Internet resources, etc.
Difficulty of acceptance

Often, trade companies are worry that transparency of product information will simplify price comparisons. But the price of the product is only one of the many selection criteria for the customer. Quality, reliability of delivery, logistics and experience of suppliers also play an important role.

Have an advantage the supplier who is able to provide information about products in electronic form, as this saves a lot of time, and therefore money!

SIM classification feature
> 3 000
Advantages of SIM classification
Reduction of failure costs
Wrong orders are reduced to a minimum, which leads to direct cost reductions.
Increase in the efficiency of the communication (internal as well as external)
Standardized and automated processing requires fewer actions and is more quickly performed. Time gained and thus savings!
Heightens the information level to customers
Up to date-, complete- and correct product data (throughout the entire supply chain). Quality, service and fewer errors!
Better logistics
Optimization of inventory management systems and order processing!
Possibility to re-use information
Data only have to be entered once and can be used for multiple purposes. Efficient management of product databases!
Uniform information flow
The product information is indicated once by the manufacturer, introduced in a standard format and used by all parties in the supply chain. Therefore, the exchange of information is always based on the same source data in all directions - from and to the supplier.
Information about the product from the first hand and, therefore, relevant, correct and complete!
Optimization of catalogue management
Data are media neutral and can be used for different lay-outs (catalogue software). This leads to time savings, less corrections and lower production costs!
Standard interfaces
In the future only a few standard interfaces are needed for the exchange of product data. Continuous adaptation of systems to new demands are no longer needed!
Marketing instrument
There is an opportunity to organize the information for the target group. Unique features of the product are emphasized by additional, specific marketing texts. Be distinguished by an additional service!
Efficient management reporting
Classification makes statistical analysis possible. Turnover figures and strategy possible on product class level!
Сompleted projects based on the SIM classificator
SIM Business reference book
SIM Business reference book

- convenient and fastest in the world interactive search for solutions for any problem in the field of sanitation and hygiene (by name, article, category, property, manufacturer, by filters, and soon on the problem)
- a clear division of goods into general classes
- the most accurate and complete description of goods on the Internet
- the possibility of selecting technical analogues (goods with identical properties)
- all manufacturers in one catalog
- quick search for companies that sell the selected products
Sanergy Trading system
The Sanergy trading system allows buyers:

- carry out a quick search for 3 000 products
- see individual prices and discounts
- see the remains of goods in warehouses
- create and edit product specifications
- create and manage orders
- work with order documents
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